Running Girl Monday: 10 Reasons Haters Tolerate Running

I’ve been wanting to start a series of “Running Girl” posts every Monday for a few months now, but life happened and I wasn’t able to get to it until today. At the moment there is not a specific purpose other than sharing candidly about parts of my running journey.

I’ll be honest, I hate those running posts where the individual is so perky and jolly about running.

large-2“What I love most about running is nature, and my friends,
and the way that the air flows through my lungs. It makes me feel ALIVE.”

Running Meme

Meanwhile my running experience involves tripping over sticks in the road, glaring at my overly chatty running partner, and gasping for air as I try to keep up with her.


Many times, I only love running when I am done. Short of that, these are a few reasons I continue to pursue my marathon-before-30 goal.

1. Food: There is absolutely no guilt in shoving down an extra donut (or 4) when you can use ‘carb loading’ as an excuse. 

2. Technology: What better excuse is there to blow $400 on the new Apple Watch than to use it to train for a half marathon? New apps in the app store that track your heart rate, time, with live tracking and weekly goals…and it’s only $17.99 a month. SIGN ME UP!

3. Getting away from the kids: who doesn’t love telling their significant other that they’ll be back in 3 miles…then take an extra mile or two more to elongate their away time. 

4. Bringing the rugrats along: For those who cannot leave their children behind, using strollers can double as strength training.

5. #HumbleBrag: what better way to feel superior to others than being healthy and posting it to social media? Adding a witty-self-confident hashtag to completely annihilate their self esteem is just icing on the cake. This also works in reply to the overly-cheerful Monday morning question, “So what did you do this weekend?” “Oh nothing, I only ran 8 miles”.

6. Medals: who can resist a “OOOooooo SHINY” to display after only doing 1 thing over a period of time! This also works as physical proof of your superiority to those who do not run. While most people have to risk their lives to obtain a medal, all you have to do is run.

7. Instant Running Scholar: dispersing knowledge to novice runners never gets old. Sure, you have no authority on any given topic beyond personal experience and that one thing a blogger said a few years ago, but it doesn’t stop you from passing it on to the newbies. 

8. Runcation: traditional vacations are for blobs. Laying on the beach for 8 hours is boring…unless you spend one day running and then you can use beach time as “recovery” before heading home. (I’ve also been told cold oceans are great alternatives to ice baths!) 

9: Lube, Stimulants and Protection preparedness: Runners training for a half or full marathon can always be found with BodyGlide, GU, and sunscreen. Like Boy Scouts, we are prepared for anything that could possibly go wrong on our run. Typically we can also be found with baggies full of wipes, bandaids, and various compression gear. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, make sure you have a runner in your crew. 

10. Race stickers: Move over star pupils, ‘I Love My Bichon Frise’, and Stick families! My sticker proves that I have the mental capacity to run 26.2 miles and you want to cut me off? I’ll teach you to think twice next time, buddy!

Any other sarcastic-running-haters out there? What are your reasons for running?


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